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How to Install Refrigerator Water Filtration

Tap water contains chemicals and contaminants that could be harmful to anybody’s body. There are a lot of options out there on how you can filter your ordinary water to healthy drinking water. If you choose to use refrigerator for your drinking water and ice, then you would need to install a filter. Installing a […]

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Benefits of Using Reverse Osmosis System

There are a lot of researches and studies being made today to see whether filtered tap water is better than purified bottled waters. Because of the results of these studies, many people have considered choosing filtered tap water. Filtering your tap water may seem easy to do, but you still need to choose what type […]

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Water Filters vs Bottled Water, Which is better for us?

Many people argue about the difference between bottled water and filtered tap waters. Although bottled waters are purified by water companies and suppliers, they still use chemicals and special agents to make their water “better”. If you’re thinking of choosing between bottled water and filtered tap water at your home, here is a simple guide […]

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How to replace a Reverse Osmosis Faucet

How to replace a reverse osmosis faucet

Currently, reverse osmosis technology is one of the best water filtration technologies. The reverse osmosis faucet is a helpful water treatment system that will allow you maintain your residential need. Additionally, this system is effective for home appliance works and it will increase the quality of household water. Besides, the reverse osmosis faucet is able […]

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